Build your Brand with a Social Media Marketing Course

May 20th, 2020

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, provide businesses with excellent marketing opportunities. I teach clients how to use these platforms and tap into their full potential. Clients can choose a bespoke course appropriate for their needs. Social media marketing courses are ideal for businesses of any size because it means you pay once and receive ongoing support for three months. This also means you avoid ongoing social media marketing costs.

Master content creation and platform management from the outset.

Maintaining optimised accounts brings maximum rewards. I have only come across one client whose social media I could not fault and rest needed much help. I start from the beginning and focus on content creation and platform management. I help clients set up channels that are on-brand and send out the right message. You can learn to manage your social media and create an engaged following with the right course. With a bespoke social media marketing course, you can learn how to create relevant high-quality content. You will also learn to manage your platforms optimally and ensure they are continually growing. High-quality content and growing accounts will boost website traffic. An increase in website traffic leads to more conversions which translate into paying customers for your business.

There is plenty of competition in digital marketing therefore you cannot waste time doing it wrong. Start your social media marketing with a strategy for each platform from the outset to get maximum organic leads. The strategy should evolve to meet the demands of your target audience, economic conditions, and times of the year. All platforms have different audiences. What works on one platform will not necessarily work on the other and this is the same for each business and industry. With regular activity on each platform, you can build an engaged community.

Why should you consider a Social Media Marketing Course?

The social media marketing courses are designed for businesses of any size and the training is available in London or online. I create a bespoke strategy for all new clients. I take the time to understand your long-term goals and budget constraints. Furthermore, I support you for three months after to ensure you stay on track and receive the maximum benefit from your efforts. Please contact me for more details.

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11 replies on “Build your Brand with a Social Media Marketing Course”

Hello Kaye, I loved the way you articulated the topic so well. I opted for this training and found it really useful. You really helped me to understand the effectiveness of various social media platforms and guided me to pick the most beneficial one to promote my business. And am glad to inform you that your strategy helped me a lot. Highly recommended course.

I am sure more people will join this course since social media marketing plays a crucial role to expand any business, more so in these post-COVID-19 days.

Stay safe. Thank you.

Hi Mason,

Thank you so much. I am really glad you found the course useful. Let me know if I can help in the future.

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